How Water Prices Affect You

A water meter that has a price tag of $150 or more can be a huge hit when you’re looking to save money on water bills.The water meter can be an effective way to save on water if you don’t already have a water meter.It’s also a great way to cut down on the cost

How to install a water meter inside a pump outlet

How to Install a Water Meter Inside a Pump Outlet article Water Meter Installation 101 How to connect a water pump outlet to a water supply article How To Connect a Water Pump Outlets to a Water Supply article How Do I install a Water meter?Water Meter installation can be difficult and time consuming.You can

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How to Save $500 on Your Water Meter

The latest version of the Water Meter Utility bill tool is out and we have some tips on how to save money.The bill is a simple spreadsheet with all the information you need to calculate the monthly costs of a water meter and then deduct the cost from your bill.The calculator also shows the cost