How Water Prices Affect You

A water meter that has a price tag of $150 or more can be a huge hit when you’re looking to save money on water bills.The water meter can be an effective way to save on water if you don’t already have a water meter.It’s also a great way to cut down on the cost

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How to make sure you don’t waste water

As a homeowner, you might be thinking about how to ensure your water meter is working correctly and will stay working at all times.But the problem with that is that there are some things you should never touch, and some things that can be a disaster waiting to happen. In this article, we’ll take a look

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How to get an antiques water meter in India

Indian households spend a staggering $1,000 a year on antiques, but not everyone can afford to buy it.As of the end of June, a whopping 10.7 million people across India were out of pocket by about $6 billion, according to the Economic Times, citing a government report.The total for that month was $6.9 billion, or

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Japan’s water meter shows how much water it takes to wash

Water meters in Japan have shown the world just how much it takes in to wash a bathtub, shower, or shower stall.While most of us don’t get too excited about the idea of washing with a water meter, the story behind how it was made is fascinating.When a company in Japan called Watsumi got wind

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What is a nano water meter?

article A nano water meters is an electronic device that can measure water consumption and can be used to save water.Nano water meters are available for the price of $49, and are designed to collect data about water usage in an area.They can also be used for home maintenance, such as watering plants, or for