Quebec’s water bill may rise in 2019


Quebec is expected to spend nearly $2.6 billion on a $1.2 billion water meter program for its water utilities.

The province is set to spend $1,700 on the program this year, while another $2,000 is slated to be spent by the end of 2019.

The $2 billion in funding comes from a $500 million water program set up in 2014 by the Quebec government.

The provincial government is asking for $1 million to help offset the costs of installing the water meters.

The program will be implemented in 2019, when Quebec will have 1,300 meters installed.

“We are going to start the installation of water meters next year and we’re going to invest an additional $1 billion to do that,” Jean-François Lefebvre, Quebec’s minister of natural resources, told reporters.

The government hopes to have installed the meters by the beginning of the new year.

In 2017, the Quebec water utility reported it was spending $3.3 million a month to pay for water meters, but that was down from $5.7 million a year earlier.

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