When Brossard Water Meter Operators Say ‘No’ to Grid Water Source The Hindu


Brossards water meter operator Brossardi Water Meter (BWMM) has issued a notice to the Indian government, saying it will not provide grid water to the city, after being told by the government that “it cannot be a barrier for the supply of power to people of the city.”

The BWMM issued the notice to Delhi on July 12.

It was signed by BMWM CEO Vijay Singh on Tuesday.

The company said the Delhi government has not given the necessary permissions to the company, and that it would not provide electricity to the citizens of the Capital.

It also said that the city has a right to supply its residents electricity.BWWM said it was told that the water meters of the Delhi Electricity Board (DERB) would be installed in the Delhi Metropolitan Region and would allow the power of the public to be supplied by the city.

The BWM said that if the Delhi Government has decided not to install the water meter in the region, it will be liable to take the necessary steps to implement the decision and will not be able to supply grid water.

It said that “as per the notification issued by the Delhi Govt, there is no legal obligation for the BWMM to provide the grid water”.

According to the BWM, the Delhi Municipal Corporation has been asked to issue a notification for installation of the water-meter in the DMRC, but it has yet to do so.