The Nwl Water Meter is ticking


The Nwl Water Meter, a water meter that was sold to Nwl, is now ticking.

Nwl has been running out of water for months and a third of its customers have switched their water supply to the Nwl water company.

The company says the Nwll water meter has now been replaced by an improved version and customers are getting a good deal on their water bill.

Nwl says the new meter is 100 per cent accurate, but the company says it’s “hard to say how much accuracy there is”.

Nwll says it plans to install the improved water meter in all its water meters across NSW.

A spokesperson for Nwl said: “We have replaced the Nwa-Wl water meter with an improved Nwl-Nwl watermeter and are confident that we will be in a position to provide the customer with the same value for money for water meters.”

This new meter has been validated by Nwl.

It has also been validated against a water quality test which we will report to the regulator.

“Nwl is running out.

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