How to install an ’emissive water meter’ on your house


A DIY water meter could be just the thing for your new, high-tech home.

It could save you a lot of money.

Read moreThe DIY water meters can be installed in a variety of different ways.

They can be placed in your house’s kitchen or bathrooms, or they can be plugged into the wall.

They work by capturing the flow of water from the water supply, and then storing the data.

They also record how much water is in each bucket, and if it is full or empty.

In the DIY water-meter article, we will show you how to install your own DIY water sensor and a water meter.

This is the first step in installing an ‘aquameter’ – the perfect way to measure how much fresh water is entering your home from the tap.

We have already mentioned some common household water meters that can be connected to the wall and can be used to measure the amount of water coming into your home.

In this article, you will see how to set up your own water meter to measure your home’s water consumption.

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