How to check your water meter with the Iistec app


If you have water meters, you may have noticed a message that says “Your water meter is on your phone”.

This is not a new feature, but it’s one that’s becoming increasingly common with the introduction of smartphones and smartwatches.

Water meters have become a staple of life in Australia, especially in the inner-city.

They’re also a source of frustration for people who can’t afford the water they need.

In 2017, WaterWatch Australia issued a water meter safety alert that included the message “your water meter can be accessed using your phone.”

And in April 2018, the Victorian Government announced it would be banning the use of smartphones in all public water meters.

A new app called Iistex has been designed to help you find your water meters and to keep you informed of what happens when you use them.

It’s free and can be used in a variety of ways, including from your smartphone.

Key features of the app: You can use your phone to view the water meter display with up to five taps.

You’re able to see what’s happening to the meter.

Tap anywhere on the display to stop the water being drawn.

The water meter displays water level at the top and tap the number on the screen to switch to that level.

If you tap the bottom of the display, the water level will automatically return to its original level.

Water meters are only active when your phone is in use.

With the help of a smartphone, you can check the status of the watermeter by tapping the icon.

On the screen, you’ll see an icon with a check mark next to it.

If it’s active, tap the check mark to see the current water level and tap it again to switch back to that water level.

You can also tap the water icon to view a graph of water level in your area.

You’ll see the water meters’ water level update as you tap and tap.

Once you’ve found your watermeter, you’re able for the first time to check its status by tapping its icon.

Tap the icon to check the meter’s status and tap again to check if it’s connected.

The icon will flash green and the meter will then begin displaying its water level automatically.

You may be able to use the meter to access other functions including the meter itself, including the app itself.

This means you’ll be able more quickly check the watermeters water level with the help a smartphone.

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