Water meter misreads rainfall for NSW and ACT


Water meters have been misreading rainfall in New South Wales and Victoria, according to a new study.

The NSW Water Management Authority (WMA) found the water meters could be over- or under- or incorrectly set.

The WA Metre Meters Agency also found the systems were under– or underestimated rainfall.

WMA chief executive James O’Connor said the WA Meters Authority was conducting a review of its water meters, which are now in place in NSW and Victoria.

“We have been in contact with the WA Water Management Agency and they have indicated they would like to make a formal submission to the WMA,” he said.

“The WA Metres Agency has had contact with WaterMeters Australia and we are working closely with them to develop a revised water meter system that meets their needs.”

WA MeteMeters agency chief executive Mark Jones said the systems had been “operationalised and working”.

“It’s been a very good first step,” Mr Jones said.

Water meters in NSW, Victoria and South Australia were also experiencing issues, the report said.

WMP’s chief executive, Mark Jones, said water meters were “operating and working” in the WA region.

“Water meter readings in the Western Australian WMA are accurate, but we have not been able to replicate the rainfall that was measured in NSW,” Mr O’Connors said.

WA Meter Meters chief executive Matthew Tull said there was a lot of interest in the WMP system and that “we have a great relationship with Watermeters Australia”.

“We are looking forward to a partnership with Water Meters Australia in the future,” he added.

The WMA’s water meter network is also being upgraded, Mr O”llley said.