Water meter revits,doyle water meter


The water meter at Doyon Water in the Perth suburb of Doyons Perth is now in the hands of the water utility and the local community.

The water meter was put up in the early hours of Friday morning by the utility as part of its “Water Power” programme, after a series of safety breaches and failures in the past.

As part of the “WaterPower” programme water meters are installed by contractors, and have been used to deliver water in large volumes to homes.

Doyle Water has said the “water meter” was used to test water usage for a year, and then the water meter began to show readings for levels of carbon monoxide.

Water management officer for Doyona Water John Stokes said the meter had been installed “for the safety of the people in Doyondas neighbourhood”.

“The water is monitored 24/7 and it will show that there are no leaks and there are very few issues in the water,” Mr Stokes told ABC Radio Perth.

“There were two or three issues we had and they were resolved, and we were able to put it down and it has been turned on and off in the interim.”

Doyon said the water meters were installed in the late 1970s and 1980s, but they had been moved from the area after a major fire in the 1990s.

In response to a series in The Sunday Telegraph about the “dangerous” conditions in the area around Doyones water meter, Doyo Water said it was “working closely” with the council to make sure the water in the meter was safe.

Mr Stokes did not elaborate on the measures being taken to ensure the water was safe in the new year, but he said Doyoning residents should be aware of the risk of carbon dioxide levels in their drinking water.

A spokesman for the Perth Water Board said it had asked Doyonia Council to ensure it was following all water supply standards and was also working closely with the Department of Primary Industries to ensure “the water is safe and we are working as fast as possible to get that done”.

The Department of Health confirmed the water at DOYON is safe.