Why water meter cartoon was not censored


CNN The water meter used to tell people how much water they need to drink, and how much they need not to drink.

Now, the cartoon has been censored by the Federal Communications Commission.

The cartoon depicts a woman with two glasses of water on her head and a bucket, which she is holding on to.

The woman then taps the bucket, and then taps her water meter.

The cartoon says, “Oh, water meter!

Just tap me to make sure I’m OK.”

The cartoon has caused a stir in the news and social media community, and some critics have compared it to the cartoon that was removed from the cover of The Onion after it appeared on the internet.

The FCC, which regulates the nation’s public water systems, said in a statement that the water meter was being used to provide information about the amount of water a consumer needs to drink to be safe.

The agency added that it was taking the issue seriously and will “evaluate the content of the advertisement” and take further action if necessary.CNN said it would not comment on the FCC’s decision, which comes as some state and local governments have announced they will begin requiring consumers to show proof of residency in order to tap their meters.

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