When does it get hot in Northumbria?


A new water meter company is launching in Northumberland with the hope of being the first to offer customers the ability to tap into the water supply in their own backyard.

Water Meter International says it has already sold 2,000 units in the UK and has plans to expand to other parts of the country in the coming months.

The company, which was founded by two former IT workers, says it is aiming to sell the meters in every home in Northampton, Lincolnshire, Wrexham and Newcastle.

Water meter manufacturers and suppliers will be able to use the device, which is similar to a smartphone, to check if their home is in safe water and report any issues.

The company said it had received a lot of interest from customers.

But it said the technology was not yet ready for mass production.

It is aiming for a launch in 2018 and will work through a limited supply of meters.

Water Meters UK chief executive Paul Smith said: “Northumbria is an important market for us, with an abundance of water and a high demand for water meters.”

We are very excited about being able to bring this technology to a wider market.

“The company has set up a website to help people decide if they want to buy the new meter.

But Mr Smith said the company would not be making money off of the device.”

This is an entirely separate business from our current business,” he said.”

The technology is not yet mature enough for us to make money off it.

“It’s a very risky business.”‘

You’ll be shocked’If you think you are being left out of the loop, Water Meter International has another reason for your concern.

“You’ll have been shocked by how many people in the industry are not making any money from their water meters, ” it says on its website.

“Our customers expect us to deliver the highest quality service, and we do.”

So we have to be fair to our customers.

“It’s our job to give them the highest service.”

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