Carlos, Alcalde & Co., Alcalde Water meters for US consumers


The Alcalde Group, the parent company of Alcalde, said on Monday it will sell water meters for the US consumer market through Alcalde USA, an online-only company.

Alcalde will pay US$15 for the Alcalde meters, which will go into circulation within the next three months.

Alcaldes customers will be able to buy the meters through, which was founded in 2007.

The company’s parent company, Alcaldez SA, also operates Alcaldazas water meter service in the UK. 

“The first batch of units is in the field and the second batch is going to be ready by the end of September,” Alcalde head of operations for the Americas, Marcelo Garcia, told Reuters. 

Casa y Escolar will sell Alcalde water meters to US consumers in January, it said. 

Alcalde also said it would soon launch the first water meters in Europe, in the European Union and in the United States. 

The Alcalde product is being manufactured at Alcalde’s plant in San Diego. 

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