Toronto mayor says he’s not concerned about water meter running


TORONTO — Mayor Rob Ford says he hasn’t considered running his own water meter.

He’s also worried about what he’ll get when he does.

Ford said Friday that his staff has spent months looking into the possibility of running water meters in the city’s parks and recreation areas.

He said he hasn.

But, as of now, he said, it’s not something he’s seriously considering.

“I am not thinking about it,” Ford said, speaking to reporters in a briefing at his office on the day the city hosted the G20 Summit.

He didn’t specify what he would do with his own utility bill.

The mayor said his staff is also working to identify the best way to monitor the city water meter in a number of ways, including the citywide network.

“We’re working on a number [of] scenarios,” Ford told reporters.

Ford also said he’s working on ways to provide a more effective water-management plan to residents and visitors, while also considering the citys needs for a large-scale water storage facility.

“The water is always a problem.

You can’t let it sit around.

And when you’re having trouble managing the water, the city can’t wait for the water to come to it,” said Ford, who has said he’d like to install a citywide water-meter system in the area of his headquarters.

He added that he hasn “a couple of ideas” to consider for how to manage the cityís water.

He declined to say whether he would consider running a meter.