Why I don’t like this water meter


A utility company has sued a former employee for allegedly misusing a water meter on her property in a Colorado town, but it appears to be the first time the company has gone after an employee for using the meter to charge a utility bill.

The company has accused Ashley Muhlenberg of using the meters to make a profit.

Muhlensberg, who is white, has been working at a water company in Colorado Springs for eight years and earned $110,000 last year, according to her LinkedIn page.

She says she received the meters from the utility company when she was a young woman, but she says the company’s billing practices made her nervous.

Muehlensberg said the meters are used for both billing and other purposes.

She said she was asked to take the meters off her property and not pay for it, and that she was told it would be returned after a certain period of time.

Muyhlensburg said she did not tell the utility about the meter, and did not report it to the authorities.

She claims she was terminated for being uncooperative and told she would not be allowed to keep working at the water company.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in the Colorado District Court.

M.H.M. Water said in a statement to the Associated Press that it has been in touch with the company to discuss the case.

The utility said Muhlsberg has been terminated after she raised concerns about misuse of meters and violated the company policies.

A spokeswoman for the Colorado Water Conservation Board, which regulates Colorado’s water system, said Muehlenberg had contacted the agency about the issue in the past week.

Muzil says the meters were not used for billing purposes and she is confident the utility will take the matter seriously.

She believes the utility has not acted aggressively in responding to Muhlers complaints.

The city of El Paso, Texas, has also sued Muhllings, saying that she used the meters on her home and it was not the company who did so.

The case is scheduled to go to trial next month.