WATCH: ‘Water Meter’ cartoons: Who would win?


With no water meters in this city, residents of Water Meter Park say they have no idea who will win the water meter race.

It’s not a competition to see who can keep the most water on the tap.

It just happens to be a race between those with the most expensive and the ones with the least.

“The water meter is a good thing for us because it’s cheap,” said Water Meter resident Michelle Tull.

“It gives us more money.

It gives us something to do.

If you have a problem with it, you can call the water department and have it fixed.”

For Tull, the water is a lifeline.

She and her husband pay $60 a month for a $25 water meter.

But they’ve never had to pay for their water because it is supplied by the city.

“We have our water meter every day.

It makes us feel like we have a part of the city,” said Tull who has a 3-year-old son.

“And that’s something we really need.”

For many, the real prize is the $300 water meter they’ll receive every two weeks.

It’s also worth noting that the City of Portland is the only one of its size in the nation that provides free water meters.

Water meters are also not required in cities with a water department.

So, who wins?

The city of Portland says it’s a tie.

The water meter winner gets $300.

The second place gets $50.

The city says it would cost $400 for the other side of the coin.

The city says they are working on the solution.