DC Water Meter Gets New Price, New Features


The price of the DC Water meter is dropping to $399, the company announced today.

The new price is a 10% drop from the current price of $499.

The price drop comes at a time when many cities are experiencing the steepest price increases in the history of the meter.

The price drop is the result of two factors: the recent increase in water usage in the US and the recent increases in water use in other parts of the world. 

The price increase was announced in a press release today.

“The new price of DC Water Meters, the nation’s premier water meter and a leader in its industry, is a reflection of our ongoing efforts to help consumers save money, save water and protect their health,” DC Water said in a statement.

“As a result of this, the price has fallen by 10% from the new price that we launched in December 2017.”

The price of a DC Water product drops by 10%.

In 2018, the previous year the price of all DC Water products, including the water meter was $499, and it dropped to $398 in 2019.

The company did not disclose the new new price.

The new DC Water price will not affect any existing customers.

The pricing change was announced alongside an overhaul of the company’s water meter pricing.

Starting in 2019, all products will now be priced based on usage and not price.

The cost of DC water will be reduced by 10%, while the cost of water usage will be increased by 10.5%.

The company also announced a number of new features for the meter including the ability to filter, measure and analyze water quality.

The water meter also supports an automatic stopwatch. 

 According to the company, these features will allow the meter to track a customer’s water usage, including how much water they use, how often they use the meter and the amount of water that they have left. 

The DC Water is also expanding the number of meters that customers can use.

Customers who currently use only one meter will be able to have their meters automatically switched to two meters when they sign up. 

 The company says that the new prices are the result to the fact that customers have increased water usage.

“As customers have continued to use their meters, they’ve increased their usage,” the company said.

“This has resulted in increased usage costs, and we’ve seen water usage and other water-related impacts. 

The company also said that the cost savings from these changes were not offset by increased water consumption.”

We look forward to seeing how these pricing changes impact customers and are pleased that we are able to offer these improvements to our customers. 

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