How to turn off your water meter without paying


CNN A new app for water meter owners has a twist: it allows users to tap their phone to access the water meter’s data, without having to plug in a cable or pay for a new one.

The app is called WaterMeter for Android, and it comes with a built-in touchscreen interface.

Users tap on a bar to see the data, then swipe up to reveal the “water meter” bar, which shows a meter with a single tap.

When users tap on the meter bar to toggle the data on or off, they’ll be presented with the option to either pay for the new meter or buy one.

The app also shows an in-app “pay to skip” button, which allows users pay for their water meter and skip the payment.

The feature, called water meter skipping, is similar to what Google Wallet offers.

Users can choose to skip the meter payment entirely or skip the water-meter collection, and they can also choose to “skip all” or “skip every.”

The app doesn’t require a phone number or payment information to access data, and there’s no additional cost associated with using the app.

WaterMeter is a bit pricey, at $2.99.

There are a few drawbacks to using the watermeter skipping feature.

First, the water meters aren’t always installed in a particular location.

Water meters are typically installed in buildings or at a public place, so it may be difficult for users to find their nearest location if they want to skip collecting water from a particular meter.

Secondly, the app only works with Android phones that have an “on” button on the side of the phone.

That means that users may have to wait for their phone’s “power” button to turn on to access their data.

Users can tap on any bar on the WaterMeters screen to access any of the meter data, including the water levels.

This is a nice feature, but users will probably want to pay for an app that offers the ability to tap the bar for water level data.

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