Which Hydrus water meters are worth the money?


Hydrus, a major water meter manufacturer in North America, said on Wednesday it has raised $10 million in Series D funding from two investors, a deal that brings its total funding to $60 million.

Hydrus will use the money to invest in new hardware and software, and improve its customer service and marketing.

The company said it expects to begin using the money on a wide range of new hardware to further improve its product, such as new hardware that can read a sensor and track the time spent by users on hydros, as well as software upgrades to help customers find the best prices on water meters.

Hydros, which is based in Palo Alto, California, was founded in 2011 by John G. Raffaelli, a former Microsoft executive who joined the company in 2009 as vice president of product.

Hydros was initially built as a consumer product, but in 2014 it became a provider of commercial products and services.

HydroSolar is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell solar panels.

Hydrox, which provides a water meter for solar panels, also provides a hydros product.

Hydrus said it has also been working with the University of Wisconsin, Madison, on a partnership to develop software for hydros to detect the presence of water in solar panels on hydro systems.

Hydris also is collaborating with several utilities and customers on research and development.

The funding will be used to further enhance its customer experience, improve its products and expand its product offerings, it said in a statement.

The company expects to raise about $70 million in a round of private funding.

Hydrous is a water sensor that can detect the amount of water entering a water tank, and its sensors can be used in commercial and residential water meters, said Steve Richey, the company’s chief marketing officer.

The new funding will enable the company to expand its products to include sensors that can monitor and measure water levels in residential and commercial water meters in addition to the commercial ones.

HydroSolar and Hydrus did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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