Water meter ring in Calgary ‘very bad’, company says


Calgary, Alberta — The water meter ring is a very big deal in Calgary.

The ring is the only water meter in Calgary that will automatically deduct water from customers who use the meter.

The company that installed the ring said it works because of a law passed in 2003, and it was designed to prevent people from having to go to the water meter to use it.

However, the company said the water meters in other areas of the city, such as downtown and the city’s West End, aren’t included in the ring.

And while the water system in Calgary’s downtown core works fine, it wasn’t so great at the West End.

The water meter is located in the basement of the former The Bistro on West Edmonton Street, a long-time Calgary landmark with a few restaurants and cafes.

The city owns the building.

“The ring does not provide an accurate and timely measurement of the water use in the city,” said Steve Fazio, a senior manager with the Calgary Water and Wastewater Services Corporation, in an email.

Fazio said he hopes that people in Calgary, as in other places, don’t take this as a criticism of the company that built the water utility.

He said the ring is actually designed to make sure water is taken from people’s taps.

“In some areas, the ring provides an inaccurate and timely water use measurement, and in other parts, the system is simply a convenient measure to ensure that people have accurate information about their water use,” he said.

Water meters are only available in a few places in Calgary: at a public meeting on the city hall roof, at the city building, at a street light and in the corner of the lobby.

The ring in downtown Calgary is located just off of Victoria Avenue, and people who walk by are likely to notice it.

People who use meters that cost more than $200 are not entitled to any money back, unless they pay the full amount.

The city has said it will provide an update in the coming days on the effectiveness of the ring and on the water supply system.

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