How to make sure your water meter is a fraud


How do you know if your water meters are fraudulent?

How do people know if they are receiving legitimate meters?

NBC News asked a panel of experts to help.

The experts agreed that the best way to protect yourself from water meter fraud is to verify the meter is genuine.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:If you receive a meter with an expiration date that appears to be wrong, don’t be alarmed.

If you see a meter that appears fraudulent, it’s a scam.

It may be possible to verify that the meter isn’t genuine by comparing the meter to another meter you’ve purchased.

It’s also possible to do this by visiting a local water meter retailer and paying the advertised price.

But you should be careful not to pay a higher price for the same meter, experts said.

The best way for you to protect your water supply is to pay the correct price for your water and not to buy a meter from a retailer who has a false expiration date.

If the meter appears to have expired, don.

That’s because that means the meter must have been in use for at least two months.

If it’s expired more than two months, the meter should have been replaced.

If your meter is expired and you’re concerned, call your local utility company to verify.

The utility company will then verify the expiration date on the meter and issue you a receipt.

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