New ZENNER water meter with a lot of features is outselling the likes of Nest, Samsung, and other makers


This water meter has a lot in common with other water meters that sell for under $200.

Called ZENner, it uses a proprietary sensor, called a ZEN sensor, to measure the water flow rate and temperature.

It’s one of several smart water meters coming from a company called Zenner that have raised more than $150,000 on Kickstarter.

The water meters have been on sale for a few weeks now, and it’s looking like the company will be making at least three more this year.

The first of these was launched last week.

As you might expect, it looks pretty much the same.

The biggest difference is the price tag.

For $250, you get a water meter that works with both indoor and outdoor water.

That includes the ability to run a variety of water pressure levels.

It also includes a touchscreen that lets you view the temperature, flow rate, and water level, as well as a barometric pressure sensor, and can be connected to a variety other sensors like a digital compass and compass-like devices.

The meter is priced at $200 for indoor use, $300 for outdoor use, and $500 for indoor and/or outdoor use.

The ZEN sensors on these meters also come with a sensor to check for leaks and other issues, and a barometer that measures the water level.

The only downside to these meters is that they’re expensive, and the only way to get one for less than $100 is through an auction.

The prices are going up, and if you’re not in the market for a new smart water meter right now, you might want to consider another brand, like Zenner.

The company is now offering two more smart water sensors.

These are the ZEN3 and ZEN5.

Both have a similar price tag and a similar functionality.

They both have a digital barometer, but they also have the ability, like the ZENS3, to also measure temperature, pressure, and flow rate.

Both also have an LED light, and they can also be used to monitor a variety devices, like temperature and pressure.

ZEN’s first smart water sensor, the ZED2, sold for $150 on Kickstarter last year.

You can buy the Z3 for $175.

Both the ZE3 and the ZEE5 are now available, and will be priced at roughly $200 each.

While the ZER5 is a little pricier than the ZONE, both have the same functionality and are available for about the same price.

The price is $200 and up, respectively, for indoor or outdoor use and can also get you a ZONE.

Both sensors have a standard LED light that can be used for indoor monitoring and outdoor monitoring.

The sensors are made by an Austrian company called ZEN, which is owned by Zenner, which also makes Zen water meters.

The meters also have a waterproof sensor.

The LEDs on the sensors are about the size of a credit card.

You’ll be able to see when the water meter detects that the water is flowing.

ZE has also said that the ZRE3 will be the next smart water sensing device it’s releasing.

The two sensors are not connected to each other.

That’s a little confusing, because ZEN has said that they will connect to each others sensors through a software update.

Both meters will be able send data to Zen servers to provide information about the water quality, and to Zen sensors to provide data about the temperature.

The Zen sensors can be controlled by the ZNE app.

The app lets you control both meters using one smartphone app, but the Zen sensor app can also use Bluetooth to send data.

The smart water monitoring device is expected to ship sometime in late January or early February, and Zen says it’ll be available for the same cost as the ZES3.

The SmartWater app, meanwhile, will be free for ZEN customers.

The sensor and barometer on these devices will be available in June for $80 each.

ZONE will be releasing its first smart meters later this year, and these are the first smart meter that we can see that will support both indoor or outdoors monitoring.

If you’re looking to purchase a ZE smart meter for less, or want to find out what the ZERO is, this is the time to do so.

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