A water smart unit in the middle of the road will help you save water in the city


A smart water meter, which can be placed anywhere, will help save you money when you want to refill a water bottle, or when you have a leak.

The water smart units will come with features to automatically detect and warn you when your water is running low, and then save you some money.

This is a first for water meters in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, and will become standard in the rest of the country.

“The meters will be installed at street level and in all the street corners.

It will be a real breakthrough in water meters,” said Nitzan Tov, a water smart project manager with the Tel Aviv City Council.

Water meters will replace meters used by Israelis who don’t own water meters, and in Israel, where the cost of a meter is about 10 times that of an American, this will save about half of the cost.

The meters will have a digital display that can display information such as the volume of the water, the current and the expected level of pressure, temperature, and humidity.

The display can also be used to change the flow of the current, so that the water doesn’t run out and you can refill it.

The smart meters can be mounted on a vehicle and can automatically be switched on or off by a smart device.

In Tel Aviv it will be up to each customer to decide what to do when the water meter is not running.

Tov said that this will help prevent leaks.

“When there is no water, you don’t need to refill your water bottle,” he said.

The system will be tested at the municipal water treatment plant, and is expected to be installed by next spring.

The City Council is now planning to set up a pilot project to test it at a public water supply plant in the south.

“It is a really big step forward, a huge step forward,” Tov added.

He added that the smart meter will also help the municipality reduce its carbon emissions.

In the United States, smart meters are also available in most cities.

“In the U.S., smart meters have been available for more than a decade.

In Israel, there has been no smart meter installed since 2007,” T.I.T. Shmuel, executive director of the Water Technology Center at Tel Aviv University, said.

“This project will be the first to offer water meters at the public water system level in Israel.”

Water meters are installed by meters at public water facilities in Tel Aviv.

A water meter sits on a street corner in Tel Aviv.

Water smart meters were first installed in Israel in 2007.

A prototype of the smart meters was unveiled in Tel-Aviv in July.

“Our goal is to show how this could be done,” said Shmuev.

We need to take this step to show our citizens that we can do it.” “

As an Israeli, it is important for us to demonstrate that we are capable of taking such a step forward.

We need to take this step to show our citizens that we can do it.”

The Smart Water Meter project was launched by the Water Technicians Association (WEA) in 2009.

The WEA has been working to install smart meters in TelAviv for more a decade, and the association says that more than 40 meters have already been installed.

In 2016, the WEA won the city of Yavne’s first smart meter award.

“There was a lot of enthusiasm for smart meters, but we had no idea that this would become a reality in Israel,” said WEA director Yossi Golan.

“A lot of people didn’t know that the city could have this kind of smart meter and so many projects were started in Israel to improve the quality of water in Tel Azores.”

The WEa says that the project has already reduced water usage by 80 percent compared to the old meters.

In 2020, the group installed one smart meter in the municipality of Haifa.

The project is part of a wider campaign to install meters in more cities in Israel.

In June, the TelAvives Ministry of Health said that it has installed two smart meters at seven public water treatment plants in the country, and it plans to install more in the coming months.

The Smart Meter project is supported by the Israeli Water Technology Institute (IWTI), which has received support from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Israel has long been a country that has been in the forefront of the fight against water pollution,” said IWTI president Yosser Shmuz.

“With the implementation of smart meters and water smart meters throughout Israel, the government is moving forward to achieve a sustainable water future.”