Water meter in California: Deducting water meter to save $300


Water meter, a device used to measure the amount of water a household needs for cooling, is being used to pay for water to residents in California.

The California Public Utilities Commission said on Wednesday that the water meter would be used for a single-family home in Fresno, California, where it was installed earlier this month. 

“It’s not really the type of thing that you would normally pay for,” said Mike Miller, the commission’s executive director. 

The water meter can be used in two ways.

If a household consumes enough water for the day, it will be billed for the full amount.

If the household is not using enough water, it can be deducted from the household’s bill. 

Miller said that he is aware of other cities that have installed water meters in a similar manner. 

“[It] is really just a tool that is being put in place to make sure that people are paying for water, and we want to make it easy for them to do that,” he said. 

According to the commission, the water usage of the Fresno meter is just 2,000 litres per household. 

In a separate case, an Ohio resident is using a water meter in the hopes that it will pay for a water bill, but the city is not charging for the water.

The water meter is being billed for a house in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, which has a population of less than a million people. 

For its part, the California Public Utility Commission said it is not currently looking to collect a bill for the Fresno water meter. 

However, it said that it is looking to change the way it charges water users. 

 “We are also looking at making sure that the utility customers can be reimbursed by their water bills,” Miller said.

“In the future, if we do have additional cases of water meter abuse, that could be part of that process.” 

If the water meters were to be used by water users in the future by paying for the amount that they consume, it could cost the city money. 

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles City Council approved a measure to require the installation of water meters, but Miller said the commission has not set a date for when they will be installed in California, nor is it aware of any instances of watermeter abuse in California cities. 

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