Australian Water Meter manufacturer responds to complaints


Posted November 07, 2018 07:05:24AUSTRALIAN COMPANIES have responded to complaints about their water meter specifications and they say they have been provided with data on what customers can expect.

Key points:Water meters can vary in terms of design and functionalityWater meters are generally manufactured by the same manufacturer and installed in the same premisesWater meters vary in the number of volts that can be applied to a meterThe water meter industry has been under fire for years due to the widespread use of lead in household appliancesThe industry has faced widespread criticism for a range of reasons, with concerns being raised about water quality and its impact on the environment.

Now the industry is being criticised for not providing data on water consumption and usage to the Australian Water Monitor (AWM) as part of the WA Water Quality Assessment process.

“The AWM is a mandatory information component of WA Water Standards,” the WA Premier, Nicola Roxon, said.

“We are looking at ways to make it easier for consumers to understand and understand water usage.”

Ms Roxon said the WA Government had recently made changes to the WA water regulations to allow water meters to be updated.

“I would like to make clear that there are no changes to WA water meters,” she said.

Ms Roxen said it was also the case that “everybody has a right to be assured that the water they use is clean and safe”.

“So this is about transparency, it’s about transparency on the ground, and it’s also about getting our water supply back on track and safe and reliable,” she told ABC Radio Perth.

The WA Government is now seeking input from the industry on how the water meter changes should be made and how they can be updated to comply with the new legislation.

In a statement, the WA government said it had received the feedback and would be reviewing the recommendations made.

“It is disappointing that there is no transparency around the way water meter companies are regulated, particularly with regard to the AWM, the regulator responsible for water supply to the community,” Ms Roxon told the ABC.

“This is about ensuring the water supply system remains reliable and water quality is maintained.”

At the same time, the current system requires water meters and the AWI is only one part of that.

“The WA government’s review will be presented to WA Government in January.”

In the meantime, I would urge water meter users to keep a close eye on the water consumption they are consuming and to ensure they use only safe water and safe equipment,” Ms Roson said.


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