New Water Meter: This is what you need to know


It has the capacity to monitor more than 400 million gallons of water in a single hour.

This new Water Meter, also known as a Water Meter for Small Waters, is a new water meter that can be attached to a water tank or a hose and monitors the flow of water.

According to the Water Meter maker, this new device is water resistant to more than 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit and has a range of up to 30 feet.

The Water Meter has the capability to monitor the water level in a container, or monitor how much water is being absorbed by a plant, and also how much is being lost through evaporation.

The new device also has an LED display, which is handy if you’re working with a lot of water and need to be sure that you are getting the full amount of water from your system.

Once connected to the water meter, it has a dedicated display, and can be controlled by either the remote or by the smartphone app.

As you might expect, it can monitor both the water content and the volume of water, so you can know exactly how much you are drinking.

It also comes with a water filter, which you can use to clean the water from the tap, the pipes, or even the shower.

We don’t know when it will hit the market, but it’s still worth checking out if you have a water meter or need to monitor your water usage.

What’s next: We’ll be sure to bring you more water meter news soon, so stay tuned.