How much does the water meter cost?


Brossard, Quebec – In Quebec, there are four water meters on the main water network: the Water Resources Conservation Authority, the Public Utilities Commission, the Water Services Authority and the provincial water agency, the Quebec Water Authority.

The prices of these meters vary depending on where you live.

The average water meter in Quebec is $30 for a residential user, and $50 for a commercial user.

The price for residential users is the highest, with a price tag of $62.50 for an annual residential user and $65.50 an annual commercial user, according to a survey conducted by a private water utility.

The most expensive meter in the province is the Hydro-Québec one, which costs $150 per year.

If you don’t live in Brossards area, there is a meter at the entrance to the municipal water system in Saint-Laurent, just north of the town of Levis.

It has a price of $130 per year for residential and $150 for commercial users.

If you live in Saint Laurent, the water meters are located at the Municipal Water System in Saint Denis, a small community of less than 3,500 people, about 30 kilometres east of Saint Laurent.

It costs $140 for residential, $155 for commercial, and includes a $15 charge per day, according the municipality.

In St-Lauren, the meters are situated at the Water Systems Office, a smaller, smaller building that is located just outside of town.

The meters are about the same price, but you must pay a $1 fee each day to get water.

The water system is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is located in a residential area of Saint Denis.

Water meters in Quebec are regulated by the Water System Act, which sets out the regulatory framework for the water system.

This act, which was passed in 1996, states that the water company must have a permit from the Public Works Department to operate in the municipality, and that the permit must be in writing.

The Public Works department does not have a water meter for residential customers, although it is a requirement for all municipalities.

The bill for water meters in Québec is not the same as it is in the rest of Canada.

Water rates vary from place to place in Québes jurisdiction, but they generally are much higher than in other provinces.

In Québec, the average residential water meter charges a $10.50 charge per year, and the average commercial meter charges $20.50.

The Quebec government does not regulate residential water meters.

Water prices can fluctuate quite dramatically between one location to another.

In the town-area of Mont-Royal, just east of Montreal, water rates vary by up to $300.00 per month.

This water is not for commercial use, but is used for residential water.

At the same time, water meters and the city of Montréal are regulated in terms of their water quality and usage.

The city of Montreal charges a daily water rate of $20 per household.

Water prices in Montréals water system are regulated to ensure that they are safe and free of contaminants, and are subject to water quality standards.

The municipal water company in the area charges a price that is higher than the average for the rest the province.

Montréal, which is a municipality of 4.7 million people, charges an average water rate per household of $1,955 per year (compared to an average of $853 per year in the provincial average).

In other words, the amount of water in Montreal, which has a population of just under 6,000 people, is more expensive than the provincial averages.

In a study published in the International Journal of Water Economics, the researchers found that water prices vary from location to location in the Montreal area.

They found that a $40 residential water rate in Montrouge, which includes a residential water system, was twice as expensive as a $30 commercial water rate.

Water in Montrêves area is regulated by a provincial water regulator, the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Quebec has one of the highest water prices in Canada.

The provincial average water price is $1.06 per cubic metre, according an April 2016 report from the Canadian Association of Municipal Water Administrators.

The province charges a rate of approximately $3.60 per cubic meter, according TOBSA data.

That’s more than twice the national average rate of around $2.95 per cubic metres.

In the spring and summer of 2017, water in the Saint-Amour area of Montroux, a municipality with a population more than 5,000, started to become a problem.

Residents in Saint Amour began complaining about the water quality of the water coming from their taps.

The problem worsened when water in Saint Louis was contaminated with fecal material.

Water quality standards in the town are low and the water is contaminated with heavy metals

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