The Water Meter Adapter is Here


A new water meter that lets you monitor your water meter’s performance in real-time has been announced.

The Water Meter is a small USB-powered device that’s compatible with the water meter adapters that come with your water meters.

It measures the current level of water in the tap and sends a notification to your smartphone when the meter’s level has risen.

For example, if your water level is at 6.5 meters above the tap, the notification would say you’re at 7 meters above.

The Water meter can also send data back to your phone, like a temperature reading.

As a result, it could help you to monitor your taps water levels accurately, while at the same time helping you avoid leaks and spills.

You could even take advantage of this feature to take a water meter apart and put it back together in a second.

This water meter is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing water meter app.

To use it, simply connect the device to your water source, and you’ll see a bar that shows your water usage in real time.

Tap water meters, which can be set to send water to any location, are used in homes, businesses and public water supply networks.

However, this device will be ideal for those who want to monitor their water meters remotely without using their own phone.

A Water Meter app would let you monitor the water level of your tap and send the water to your device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Using the Water Meter would let a smart home developer to monitor and control the water levels remotely.