A new water meter is out for your tap


A water meter that detects whether your tap is running low is coming to the UK soon, and it’s being marketed as a useful tool for reducing water use.

The Water Meter, which costs around £60 ($80) and is intended for home use, uses a digital device to measure the amount of water in your tap.

If you tap at a low level, the meter will tell you whether the water is safe to drink.

If it’s high, it will give you the option to tap again, with the same result.

You can also turn off the meter if you don’t want to use it.

The UK government has allocated funding for the project, and a team of engineers have been working on the project since April.

“Our aim is to make a real, useful water meter for people who have been struggling to tap water in their homes,” said Peter Whitehead, the project’s lead engineer.

“We want to get as many people to try it as possible, so we’re giving it away to people who don’t have a tap.”

The Water meter, which measures how much water is flowing into your tap, is intended to help people who struggle to tap their taps at home.

It works by measuring how much pressure there is on your taps, and then letting you know how much of that pressure is coming from your tap or your pipes.

The amount of pressure on the meter can be displayed on a screen and is adjusted using a switch on the device.

It also measures the water level in your home.

Water meters are already in use in several countries, including France, the Netherlands and Germany, but the Water Meter aims to be the first to be made in the UK.

It has already been tested in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, but more testing is planned.

Water meter is in development by water company WaterSense UK, with a UK contract to be awarded by the end of the year.

WaterSense is a partnership between the company Watermark and WaterSense Global, and the company is also developing the Watermeter app for iOS and Android.

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