How to use water meters to measure rainfall in Delhi


A new smartphone app called Stm Water Meter is designed to help Delhi’s water management team use its meters to monitor rainfall in the city.

The app uses a smartphone app to allow users to log their water usage and collect data about rainfall in their area.

It can also collect water from the ground to measure how much water is being used.

The app is now available on the Google Play store in India and in the United States.

The company says it has also partnered with Google and is in the process of expanding its app.

Stm Water Meters are small water meters that measure rainfall and the amount of water that has been used by a person or household.

They’re typically found at water supply points, businesses, schools, offices, factories, hospitals and many more places.

According to the company, the app will provide an easy and intuitive interface to help people manage their water consumption.

The Stm water meters use an app to collect data on rainfall and water usage in Delhi.

Stm is partnering with Google to make the app available in the U.S. and India.

Stem is a mobile app that allows users to monitor water use and rainfall in your city.

According to the app, users can log their daily rainfall, which is collected by the app.

The data collected by Stm can then be used to plan how to improve water management in your area.

The information collected can then help the water management staff to prioritize water use in the area and identify potential problems.

According a press release from Stm, the data collected will be used by the company to identify problems and problems to improve the management of the city’s water resources.