Nola’s Water Meter: An app you’ll love


A little-known feature of the water meter in Nola is that you can tap your phone to show the water level.

You can tap the water bar, or tap a specific meter, or even tap the meter and turn it on.

But there’s an even better way to use the app, too.

You tap the bottom left of the screen and the app will automatically set the water rate for your house.

For the most part, this is what you’ll see on your screen.

But the water meters also show how much water you’ve actually used.

This is useful when you’re in the middle of a major storm and don’t want to waste time setting the meter to “water” mode.

To see how much your water is actually being used, tap the bar in the upper left corner.

You’ll see a green bar with an orange bar at the bottom.

To get a feel for how much you’re actually using, tap a bar next to the bar and see the number of gallons that have been used.

Tap that bar to get a view of how much it is.

If you’re using a lot of water and the bar is not green, your water meter is too low.

If your meter is green, it means that the water is being used at a safe level.

If the bar isn’t green, the meter is not high enough.

To know how much the meter has actually been used, just tap the orange bar in that upper left bar.

You should see the meter at a steady, safe level, and you should see no meter at all.

Tap the water button in the lower left to stop the meter from setting.

It should start to set again, and tap the green bar to stop it from setting again.

Tap another water bar and tap it again to stop.

You’re done.

You’ve saved a ton of water.

If there’s anything missing from your water meters, or if the meter isn’t working, tap and hold the tap bar.

The meter should start automatically setting again, but the tapbar should be red.

Tap a green tapbar to start a timer.

It will keep running for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, tap another tapbar and the meter will start setting again once again.

If it isn’t setting correctly, you may need to use another meter to check the meter’s accuracy.

If that’s the case, tap an orange tapbar next to it.

You will see the green meter’s current level.

Tap it and see how long it has been setting.

If everything is working correctly, the meters should have been set for exactly 10 minutes ago.

If things aren’t working properly, tap more tapbars to check for errors and reset the meter.

The app shows you how much is being taken out of your water and how much has been used in the last 30 minutes.

Tap an orange button to close the app and start a new one.

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