The Italian Football Association’s water meter pit is not to be trusted


The Italian football association’s water meters in Bologna and Milan have been hacked.

It has been revealed the meters are being tampered with and the water has been switched off.

It is unclear why the meters were hacked, but an investigation has been launched to determine what has been done to them.

The Football Association has released a statement confirming they have “taken necessary measures to prevent a security breach.”

The statement said they are in contact with the Italian Water Management Authority (IWM), which has confirmed that they are currently working to restore the meter systems.

It said it will be “in contact with its stakeholders to determine the steps to be taken to restore this service.”

It has also been confirmed that the water meters have been disconnected, but that the devices have not been switched back on.

The IWM said the meters and the meters’ equipment are being inspected and it is possible that there could be other security issues with the meters.

The agency is also investigating the possibility of an unauthorized person tampering with the water meter’s electronic signal, but the IWM has yet to give any details on the investigation.

It’s not clear why the meter was hacked.

The football association is currently in the process of upgrading the water systems at both venues, but has not said when the upgrade will be completed.

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